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Lighthouse Catholic Media


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Our Story

The Lighthouse story is a simple one: God works powerfully through a sincere Yes! From a wooden box of cassette tapes in the back of one church, to over 7,500+ parishes distributing our CDs, books, and other media with a Lighthouse kiosk – it has been an incredible journey! Watch the video to the right to hear the full story, and to see how God continues to work through this Apostolate.



Lighthouse Catholic Media, NFP is a 501(c)(3) Not For Profit Company that seeks to answer the call for a New Evangelization. We specialize in promoting the Catholic Faith through high quality presentations on audio CDs and MP3s from many of the best Catholic speakers in English and Spanish. We continue to expand our outreach by offering additional forms of media, including books, booklets, pamphlets, and more.

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