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Our SMS Home & School Fundraisers

Gift Wrap Fundraiser

August 31, 2018

St. Mary home and school will be starting their first fundraiser for the school year on Friday August 24th.  We will be selling gift wrap.  If you are interested in purchasing some and are not contacted by a SMS student, please contact Dianna Mathews at 338-2543.  Thanks for your continued support of St. Mary School!

Amazon Smiles

IT'S OFFICIAL! We now have Home and School account with AmazonSmile. They will donate 0.5% of your purchases from to us. Follow the link below and be sure you are adding St. Mary Parish. Please let Candace Monnig know if you have any questions. Feel free to share!

St. Mary's School Always Collecting....

 the school collects Prairie farm lids, Box Tops, Best Choice labels, Charlie's receipts, Campbell labels,  old cell phones, aluminum cans, printer cartridges, and pop tabs. The school gets lots of supplies with these programs. You can put them all together and send them to school with your kids to turn in to the office.

Scrips for School

Join Kathy Monnig for questions on the Scrip program. Local merchants who participant in the program include: Beckett's, CarQuest, The Corner Store, Casey's, LaCross, The River Bend, The Rolling Pin, Schaefer Auto and Stallman's. Please remember to thank our local businesses for their generosity in supporting SMS Home & School. 

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Our Fundraiser Leadership




Fundraising Leadership

  • Candy Monnig

  • Jenna Lee

  • Megan Meyer is Vice President 


Any additional information will be announced on our notice board and on our website.


Our Fundraiser Committees


Scrip (All Year)

  • Kathy Monnig


NFL Tickets (September)

  • Jessica Schaefer


Jaguar Attire (September)

  • Stephanie Johanning


Gift Wrap (September)

  • Bill & Diana Matthews


Spirit Night (September 30)

  • Kristin & Larry Kramm

  • Patrick & Tracey Grisham

  • Shawn & Melissa Frevert

  • Darren & Sonya Fuemmeler

  • Jayce & Sarah Olendorff


Home Basketball Concessions (October)

  • Roni & Donnie Drew

  • Mike & Paula Thies


Spooktacular Kitchen (October)

  • Chris & Lia DeGraffenreid

  • Joe & Kasie Meyer

  • Heather & Jeremiah Johnson

  • Jill Schmidlin


Spooktacular Takeout (October)

  • Morgan & Bethany Beeler


Spooktacular Floor (October)

  • Eric & Barb Monnig

  • Alicia Baker

  • Curtis Hammons

  • John & Jessica Hammons

  • Steve & Lisa Murrell

  • Stacy & Rhonda Senor


Trashbags (November & March)

  • Ray & Kim Westhues

  • Todd & Debra Carmack


RADA (November)

  • Theresa Fuemmeler


Breakfast (January)

  • Tommy & Tammy Yung

  • Travis Johnson & Jess Wolfe

  • Dennis & Cathy Daniels

  • Courtney McMillan


Shakespeare's (February)

  • Debra Carmack

  • Stephanie Johanning


Jaguar Jog/Walk (April)

  • Nick & Julie Monnig

  • Josh & Terin Fuemmeler

  • Carrie Flaspohler

  • Santina Muprhey


Track Meet (April)

  • Josh & Molly Monnig

  • Troy & Jenny Fuemmeler

  • Bob & Stacey Kottman

  • Tina & Brian Prentzler


Track Meet Concessions (April)

  • Kevin & Jill Barringhaus

  • Richae & Georgia Colvin

  • Melissa & Travis Boss

  • Melessia Ewing


Wine Walk (April)

  • Stephanie & Pat Johanning

  • Pam Hoffman

  • Adam & Candy Monnig

  • Josh & Katie Bird

  • Jeremiah & Heather Johnson


End of School Dance (May)

  • Rodney & Gina Sanders

  • Josh & Amanda DeMint

  • Vic & Robyn Suttner

  • Tano & Angie Mateu

  • Nicole Hord & Kyle Fuemmeler

  • Mark & Jamie Thies

  • Russell & Bridgett Bonen



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