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Our Annual Parish Picnic


June 11, 2017

A big thank you goes to all of the volunteers who helped make the Parish Picnic a success! 

Thanks to Stephanie Brand for being the person that started the process for the picnic!  Thanks to the head committees to organize the events:

Auction:  Stephanie Brand

Kiddie games:  Chad and Callie Westhues, Heather Johnson, and Bridget Fuemmeler.

Bingo:  Kent and Joyce Monnig, Grant and Sue Carothers, Shannon Monnig

Cake Walk:  Cheryl Adams and Joyce Starke

Food:  Knights of Columbus, especially Brett Witte, Nick Monnig, and Phillip Hackman

Kick Ball Tournament:  Molly Monnig and Becky Thompson

Washer Tournament:  Darren Fuemmeler

Parking:  Shelly Korte, Steve and Randy Monnig, Luke Korte

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Our Parish Picnic Committee 


Head Committee:

Robin Thies

Joyce Starke

Cheryl Adams

Heather Johnson

Becky Thompson

Molly Monnig

Darren Fuemmeler

Callie Westhues

Kent & Joyce Monnig

Brett Witte

Melissa Boss

Paige Fehling

Jamie Thies

Angie Littrell


Any additional information will be announced on our notice board and on our website.

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