Bulletin - January 12, 2020


From the Pastor:

God bless you all.


Father Paul M. Hartley


Bishop McKnight's January Prayer

“For an increase in Christian unity, racial harmony, and respect for the dignity of all human life; that Christians everywhere may work together to promote peace in our homes and communities throughout the world.”


The Thursday meetings will now be at 6:00 pm. in the church basement. 



Men of St. Mary's Parish

Exodus 90 is a 90-Day Spiritual Exercise for Men, providing a path to freedom through prayer, asceticism and fraternity.  If you are interested in challenging yourself and growing in self-mastery this winter and spring, check out https://exodus90.com or call/text Brett Witte at 573/864-1579.  The Lent Exodus stars Jan. 13th and ends on Easter so its time to sign up!


St. Mary's School News

Mission…St. Mary School is committed to educating the whole child.  St. Marys School provides opportunities for  Spiritual, moral, intellectual, and physical growth of each student in a loving, Catholic environment.  Students are encouraged to  share and to serve within the school, church, and community while realizing their own full potential.  


The 7th graders had the Mass on Monday of this week.  The collection was $46. The 1st graders will be doing the Mass on Friday, December 20th.  This is the first time for them to do the Mass ministries this year.  Students in grades 2-8 also had the chance to go to confession this week.  Parents, grandparents, friends and parishioners are encouraged to celebrate Mass and other events with us each week.  The modeling of your faith is important for our students to see. 


Aluminum Cans

Thanks to all that have saved aluminum cans for the school.  We received a check for $294.  Thanks to Kim & Ray Westhues and family for hauling them off for us.  We appreciate everyone saving cans, milk caps, labels, and ink cartridges to benefit the school.  It helps the environment as well. Keep up the good work. 


Donations to Benefit the School and Teachers at Christmas

Thanks to Jan and John Monnig and George Brucks Jr. for their recent donations to benefit our teachers at Christmas and to also help the school with wish list projects.  Your support and gifts are greatly appreciated by all.


Advent Angels

For week three, students are asked to bring a yummy baked or bought snack for their Advent Angel.  They should be at school by Wednesday, December 18th.  They will be distributed on Thursday, December 19th.  Friday, December 20th, we will have our final gift exchange and reveal at 10:30 AM in the cafeteria.  Please make sure the final gift is $5 or less and age/gender appropriate.  Gifts can be sent in early so that we make sure all have something.  Thank you!


Current Plan to make up Snow Days

Snow days are great and exciting but not so fun to make up in our calendar.  Currently we have two, and I have placed them on our calendar to be Monday, January 20th, and Friday, March 13th.  If we have more days due to weather we will look at February 17th and then April 13th.  With our last day of school being on Friday, May 22nd and Memorial Day being the next Monday, May 25th, we do not have days to put in at the end of the year without going past Memorial Day. 

Box Top for Education

Thanks to all that are faithful about saving BoxTops, Best Choice, and milk caps for the school.  It does add up as we go throughout the year.  We recently received a BoxTop check for $881.50.  These programs help with general supplies, paper, and PE equipment.  Thanks to those that help process them for the school throughout the year. 

Recent Donations to the school

We would like to thank Tim & Carol Monnig, and Carolyn Fuemmeler for their recent donations to the school to benefit the teachers and classrooms.  Teachers were given the chance to give me a mid-year wish list.  The school was able to replenish some general classroom supplies, add some specialty paper, a few new globes, large Lego set, new maps for two classrooms, markers, crayons, clipboards, electric pencil sharpeners, sticky notes, etc.  Our teachers are very resourceful and typically use their own money to get things as our year progresses.  With donations, we are able to get things for our students and teachers to enhance the educational process for all.  Thanks for thinking of our school at Christmas. 

DAR Winners

Over break we received a list of students that won this years DAR essay contest on the topic “The Voyage of the Mayflower.” 

Grade 8:  1st place, Campbell Frevert; 2nd place, Olivia Haskamp; 3rd place, Jordan Fuemmeler

Grade 7:  1st place, Caroline Stallman; 2nd place, Kaitlyn Monnig; 3rd place, Ella Mullanix

Grade 6:  1st place, Luci Mateu, 2nd place, Kinlea Bird; 3rd place, Halle Fuemmeler

Grade 5:  1st place, Aly Prentzler, 2nd place Kyler Kottman; 3rd place, Addisyn Monnig

An awards ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, February 16th, at Snell Hall in Fayette.  It typically starts at 2 PM.  More information will be sent home to the winners.  Please plan to attend as they like for the winners to present their essay that day.  The students are given cash prizes. 

Catholic Schools Week

Mark your calendars for our Catholic School Week that runs from January 26th-February 1st.  We will kick off our week by doing the Mass on Sunday, January 26th, and the Home and School will host their annual breakfast that day.  Grandparent Day is Friday, February 1st, with Mass starting at 9 AM.  Please see and keep the attached flyer for a full outline of the week. 

Catholic Schools Week Raffle

Raffle tickets were sent home with each student today.  If you are not going to sell them, please return to the office so that they can be redistributed.  The prizes for the raffle are as follows:  1st prize, 7th generation IPad; 2nd prize, 10 quart Power Quickpot; 3rd prize, 1500 piece Classic Lego Set, 4th prize, American Builder Roadside Emergency Kit;  & 5th prize, Billboard Bluetooth Speaker/mini light/candy.  Students selling the winners tickets for each prize with get a gift bag as well. 

Trying to Make a Wish List Come True

The Building and Grounds Committee has been working hard on their standard.  After being on 15+ Visiting Teams myself, I gave them quite a list for them to look at and consider as they complete their standard for the Self-Study.  Lighting, lighted emergency exit signs, fire and carbon monoxide detectors, and other safety issues are being addressed by this committee as they work through the standard.  One of my wish list items was to be able to convert the 2nd grade room back to its original size.  To accomplish this we would need to relocate copier and supplies to a different location.  Something that came up on past Self Studies is to have a separate office for the principal.  So here is our plan if and when we have the funds, skills, and permission to move forward.  We would construct a technology room in the science lab area, create a principal office at the end of the hall on the third floor to mirror the current office on the main floor.   Move Mr. Monnig to the third floor, move copier and supplies from that area to the two offices, move the computer lab to the bottom floor, and open the 2nd grade classroom to its original size.  It sounds like a lot…but the supplies are pretty minimal as we are just reconfiguring space we already have and utilizing it differently.  If you have time, talent, or treasure to make the Wish List come true don’t hesitate to contact someone on that committee.  Members include:  Michael &/or Jennifer Barringhaus-chair, Phil Johanning, Ryan Monnig, Josh and/or Terin Fuemmeler, Tim Barringhaus, Vic &/or Robyn Suttner, Kyle Fuemmeler &/or Nicole Hord, Pat Simpson, Jessica  &/or  Greg Schaefer, and Tina &/or Brian Prentzler. 

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