Bulletin - December 12, 2021


From the Pastor:


Advent is traditionally a time to hold more times for the Sacrament of Confession. The following is a list of times & places where additional times and priests will hear confessions around the area:

  • Tues., Dec. 14 @ 7 PM – St. Joseph, Fayette (3 priests)

  • Thurs., Dec. 16 @ 7 PM – Sts. Peter and Paul, Boonville (5 priests)


  • Since Christmas falls on a Saturday this year, it will impact our weekend Mass schedule as well. Attending Mass on Friday or Saturday for Christmas does NOT satisfy our weekend Obligation to attend Mass. Therefore, it is necessary to attend Mass twice that that short time span (1 Mass for Christmas, 1 Mass for Sunday). Please note, in the absence of evening Vigil Mass on the 25th, there will not be the normal confessions that weekend – please plan to attend one of the many Advent Penance Services being offered, Confessions the week before, or schedule an appointment. Between our Parishes, we are going to offer the following Mass schedule for December 24 – 26, 2021:

  • Christmas Eve, December 24

    • 7:00 PM, St. Mary, Glasgow

    • 9:00 PM, St. Joseph, Fayette

  • Christmas Day, December 25

    • 8:00 AM, St. Joseph, Fayette

    • 10:00 AM, St. Mary, Glasgow

  • Sunday, December 26 (Holy Family)

    • 8:30 AM, St. Joseph, Fayette

God bless you all.

Father Duncan


Knights of Columbus

To the St. Mary's Parish, the Satolli council 1752 Knights of Columbus, Fr. Duncan and Fr. Hartley,

Thank you for another successful fraternal year. We could not have done it without your support and prayers. The last two years have seen many challenges, but our council has persevered and is as strong as ever. 

If interested in joining the Knights, please contact myself, Justin Friedrich 573-999-1467 or go to kofc.org/joinus



Our Parish has partnered with St. Joseph, Fayette, to provide free subscriptions to FORMED.ORG! Take advantage of this wonderful gift this Advent season by signing up if you haven’t done so already. It’s fast, easy, and FREE!

  1. Go to: signup.formed.org

  2. Enter 65254 or search St. Mary, Glasgow.

  3. Add your name and email address



FORMED also has daily Advent reflections that can be delivered right to your email inbox! This can be accessed by going to: daily.formed.org


FORMED also has a mobile App (Apple App Store, Google Play), AppleTV, and Roku -- search “Formed Catholic”, or you can access it from any web browser. Best of all, it is very easy to use – providing high quality Catholic material right to your device and your homes. Sign up today!





The November & Advent Issues of the Word Among Us Daily Readings & Meditation booklets are available to you in the back of Church! Please take a copy to assist you in your daily prayer life! They are free of charge for these few months, but donations will help us continue to provide these booklets in the future. With a Parish subscription, they are roughly $1.32 / booklet. We currently have enough donated to continue providing these through March 2022! Thank you!


St. Mary's School News

Mission…St. Mary School is committed to educating the whole child.  St. Marys School provides opportunities for the Spiritual, Moral, intellectual, and physical growth of each student in a loving, Catholic environment.  Students are encouraged to share and to serve within the school, church, and community while realizing their own full potential.  

School Updates

Change of Calendar/Diocesan Changes that affect our calendar

Two things changed on the diocesan calendar this past week that I want to share them with you now so that you can plan accordingly for the spring. March 18th, Regional PD Day in Moberly has been canceled and that will be replaced with a Diocesan PD Day at Helias on March 21st. (NO SCHOOL FOR KIDS). Bishop McKnight has also granted all schools two extra days for Easter break this year.  This is an incentive for our teachers and parents that have navigating all things COVID this year. Maybe knowing this far out, a special family time can be planned.  This requirement came with the days: they have to happen during that week, can’t be used to makeup weather days, can’t come off the end of the year, etc.  The second goal was to free up principals to go to the NCEA and feel comfortable being away from their buildings knowing that there is only 2 days of school that week that will be missed. We will be out of school from April 14th-20th for Easter break. Please call the office if you have any questions regarding these calendar changes.


VIRTUS / Protecting God's Children session- REQUIRED For ALL School Parents-

Push for our parents to be compliant in the VIRTUS/ Protecting God's Children Training. ALL   PARENTS (sorry not just one), ARE REQUIRED TO DO THIS FOR THEIR CHILDREN TO ATTEND ANY SCHOOL IN THE DIOCESE! We have been contacted by the Diocese of Jefferson City that only 52% of our parents are totally compliant in this training. Our number can easily go up because we have 40 of our parents that have watched the Videos, answered the questions, and have completed the Code of Pastoral Conduct but have yet to do the background check. For those 40 parents, all you need to do is log back into your VIRTUS account and the background check will be showing up in red if you need to do this. Follow those instructions, you will need to make sure all information matches your driver’s license/or ID card. Unfortunately, once you start this process, you must complete it in one sitting, so make sure you have your driver's license and SS# ready! Thank you to those parents who have taken the time to do the "Protecting God's Children" - We will be letting you know sometime next week if you have all the steps complete, or if there is something they are missing through the Diocese.  For those parents who haven't started the online process or attended the training in person, we are setting the date, December 17th as the deadline for all parents to have this completed.  If you don't have a computer or other device at home to complete this, please let us know and we can send one home with your child.  If you don't have internet access, you can set up a time to do it here at school. Please let us know how we can help you get this done, and our school will be at 100% compliance. Mr. Monnig has a fun dress down day planned later in December for all who have this completed by December 17th!!!

Items for Sale:

2000 Dodge, 15 passenger van—runs good but needs some body work.  It has right at 100,00 miles.   Make a good offer and it will be yours. Also, folding chairs from the cafeteria are for sale.  They are going pretty quick.  Decent shape, and have been replace with free plastic chairs.  You can have your pick of chairs for $1 each.  We don’t need them all and are out of room to store them in the shed.  Call or stop by the school.  I will even deliver within a reasonable range.  Thank you.