Bulletin - August 30, 2020


From the Pastor:

Thank you!

I am making final plans for Adult Education class.  I have gotten a few suggestions and we are probably going to study Revelations or Paul’s letters to the Corinthians.  We will spend some time after class for other questions. 

God bless you all.


Father Paul M. Hartley


Bishop McKnight's August Prayer

“For our parish and school communities, that we may be bound by a spirit of unity to work together for the common good during the pandemic.”


Alternative tithing methods outside of regular Mass.  Ways to ensure we can still make payroll and pay our bills: 

Check mailed to St. Mary Catholic Church (421 3rd St., Glasgow, MO, 65254).

  • Utilize online bill pay wherever you bank, utilizing St. Mary Parish as a “biller”.  Contact your bank if you have more questions on this.

If you bank at Tri-County Trust Company, you can contact them about setting up an “automatic transfer” from your bank account to St. Mary’s bank account.

  • If you receive your paycheck electronically, you can inquire from your workplace about sending part of your paycheck to St. Mary Catholic Church.  Contact Tri-County Trust Company for assistance filling out this form for your employer. 

  • Thank you so much for your generosity in this difficult time.

Parish Directory

Life Touch is going to be rescheduling our pictures until after the new year.  Further details will be given at a later date.

Fall Dinner

Thank you to all who attended the Fall Dinner meeting.  At this point in time, we have decided to move forward with the dinner with several modifications due to rising health concerns and to allow for social distancing. It was a group decision to eliminate dine-in meals, Bingo, and the game room for the 2020 dinner only.  There are many details to still iron out, and plans will be made known as decisions are finalized.  Please know we are working together to make this a successful fundraiser, and are striving to keep the best interests of our parish, school, and community at heart.  We look forward to resuming the typical Fall Dinner plans in 2021.  We ask for your continued support and prayers as we move forward.  Should you have any questions, please contact Angela Friedrich at 573-289-2768.

St. Boniface in Brunswick, St. Joseph Hurricane Branch & St. Raphael in Indian Grove.


Father Louis Gardiola will be here for a Father’s of Mercy Mission   Sunday, December 5-Thursday December 10 @ St. Boniface, St. Joseph & St. Raphael.   Father Louis will preside at all the Masses the weekend of December 5-6 and will begin his Mission on Sunday evening.

The topics each night are: Sunday - Four Last Things, Monday - Confessions, Sacraments and the Prodigal Son

Tuesday - Holy Eucharist, Wednesday - Culture of Death vs. Culture of Life

Thursday – Our Lady….Mother of God & Mother of the Church.

Plan to be there December 5-10!  for more information call Fr. Boniface @ 660-548-3267

Procession of Blessed Sacrament

Would you be interested in participating in a procession of the Blessed Sacrament around the parish property?  Sometime prior to the end of August.  Please let Father Hartley know as soon as possible so plans can be made. 



St. Mary's School News

Mission…St. Mary School is committed to educating the whole child.  St. Marys School provides opportunities for  Spiritual, moral, intellectual, and physical growth of each student in a loving, Catholic environment.  Students are encouraged to share and to serve within the school, church, and community while realizing their own full potential.  

School Updates

Celebrating School Improvements

We have been busy around school since having students leave us on March 17th.  I wanted to share some of the things that have happened in our school and why we have so many trucks around our building currently. 

  • Computer Lab/Art Room/Principal Office/Increased Space for 2nd Grade

What started as a wish list for the Building Committee of the Self-Study became an unexpected reality. The last Self-Study identified as one improvement the need for a separate office space for the principal.  I received a couple of nice donations at Christmas time this past year that gave us the funds to make these projects possible.  We also had some great volunteering for labor to make this possible.  We now have an office on the third floor for the principal.  The 2nd-grade room is back to its original size.  We created a computer lab and a separate art space on the bottom floor.  The art room got new cabinets for storage, new flooring, and a needed paint job.  The computer lab got some new tables, an upgrade to fiber, a new server cabinet, and carpet.

  •  Window Replacement

Need for efficiency and the fact that the windows wouldn’t close and were rotting away, Randy McMillan and the company have been working to replace the small windows in the front of the school this past week.  The cost of the windows was also covered by donations given the school at Christmas time.  The parish will cover the labor costs for this project.  This will give new windows in our new computer lab, the art room, and the two downstairs bathrooms.

  • Sewer Fixes

This has been a joint fix for both the school and rectory.  The rectory line needed to be moved for the retaining wall to be installed and the school had multiple issues last year and we found a collapse in the line that needs addressed.  If you are wondering was all the equipment around the school has been doing it has been addressing these problems.  I am hopeful that they will be finished by the time you are reading this. 

  • Light Project

Addressing the lights and some wiring issues throughout our building has been on the project list for some time.  We did apply for and received a rebate from the electric company to help with the cost of this project.  We are well on the way to having all LED lights throughout the building. One of the items that the insurance inspection identified for the Self-study was the need to better lighting on our stairways.  We also needed to get up to code with lighted exit signs and emergency lighting.  This is all being addressed with this project.  These will be super-efficient as well.  The projected pay off in savings on energy bills for the project was less than 2 years.  The new lighting that is installed is great. 


CARES Funding Improvements

The school received funding from the CARES ACT to help us prepare for reopening due to COVID -19.  Some of the changes to the building have been the installation of automatic soap dispensers throughout the building.  Additional paper towel holders were also added in the bathrooms.  We now have 3 hand sanitizing stations in the school, one at the front door and the others by each office.  Touchless digital thermometers will be available in both offices and in every classroom.  We are installing 2 bottle filling water fountains.  We were able to purchase 47 Chromebooks for in house or possible digital learning as well as 3 additional IPADS. Other funding was used for masks, gloves, cleaning supplies, etc. to help us be prepared for whatever COVID-19 challenges us with. 


Please call of come by the office in the next few weeks if you have questions or concerns concerning school.  We are getting excited about having students back in our building again to enjoy all the improvements. 


If parishioners would like to see our building improvements, please stop in anytime you see my truck outside and the door propped open, I would love to share the improvements with everyone.  Thanks to all that have and continue to make St. Mary School possible. 

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